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Master Hair Cutter & Hair Colorist.  Owner and operator of Michael Salon for the past 34 years.  Known for his outstanding haircuts.  "There is nothing prettier than a great haircut on a woman".  Michael trains his staff and also teaches "Advanced Haircutting" classes to stylists from other salons.  In addition, He is owner of an "Advanced Hair Color" Education company that educates hair colorists all over the United States.  "I am passionate about this profession and love taking care of my clients". 
Master Colorist & hair Cutter.  Liz has been working for Michael Salon for 21 years and has developed a reputation for amazing hair color and high lighting.  "Hair color or Highlights that look natural and beautiful is what its all about". " Being a stylist/Colorists is one of the most rewarding things that a person can do".  Liz is one of the reasons for Michael Salons outstanding reputation with Hair Color. 
Master Hair Cutter & Colorist.  Jenn is known for her ever changing haircuts and color on her clients along with herself.  Jenn has been a stylist for Michael Salon for 20 years and has a passion for hair like no other.  Jenn is a master hair cutter with a great understanding of "Style" and how to get the most out of a clients look. Jenns dedication to her clients and to the art of hair has earned her the title of "Artistic Director" for Michael Salon.   "Hair and creativity go hand in hand', I love what I do".
Educator, Hair Cutter, Master Colorist.  Caitlin has a way with hair.  Her relentless pursuit of knowledge is taking her to the top of our profession.  Along with taking great care of her clients, Caitlin also teaches "Advanced Hair Color" classes to outside stylists/colorists.  Caitlin's easy and comfortable way with clients is one of her great strengths.  "Beautiful Hair Color is an art.  Nothing is more rewarding than a happy client with a beautiful Hair Color or High Light".  You also have to watch for Caitlin's ever changing hair style
Salon Coordinator/Manager and "The One your going to talk to when you call".  Tina has worked side by side with Donna and Michael for 34 years helping to build Michael Salon into the success that it has become.  Tina dedicates herself to taking care of all of your appointments needs.  Clients know her and she knows them.  Tina is an integral part of the operations that make the salon run seamlessly.  "Making it all work between clients needs and stylists schedules is the most important part of what I do".  
Master Colorist, Operations Manager.  Owner and operator of Michael Salon along with Michael.  Her knowledge of Hair color and her intuition toward client needs has been a major part of why Michael Salon has been successful for 34 years.  "Clients want to be taken care of and that is what we do here. Keeping everyone educated and up to date is one of the most important things that we can do for our clients."  In addition, Donna is also a major part of running our "Hair Color Education Company".     "Its a beautiful profession."
Master Hair Cutter & Colorist.  Erin began working at Michael Salon at 17 years old.  Now a knowledgeable stylist and colorist with 12 years of experience, she has become  the "go to" for outstanding foil highlighting.  "Natural looking highlights that blend seamlessly with the natural color of the clients hair makes me and my clients very happy. Great hair color, great style, I love it."  Erin's dedication to her clients wants and needs is her formula for success.
Master Stylist, Colorist, Trendsetter.  In Sam's 7 years with Michael Salon, she has earned a reputation of "great hair cutter" who knows what is going on with hair.  "Hair is fun and I love to do what is current."  Sam's ability to listen to her clients and give them a great "Look" is her greatest strength.  Whether its just a great cut or combining cut with color, she has it all.  "I love being a stylist, whether it's a trim or a huge change, I  can't wait to work with my clients each and every day."

Master Hair Cutter & Men's Specialist.  A stylist for 30+ years, Richie's commitment and fun loving way that he approaches his clients is the reason for his long standing success. His skill in hair cutting is evident with each and every client.  " I love to laugh and have fun each and every day".  "Taking care of my clients and fun go hand in hand".

Master Hair Cutter & Colorist.  Karina's 3 years at a top salon in India along with her 3 years in the U.S. have made her the "go to" for long thick hair.  "I love giving my clients a great cut and fantastic blow dry.  "Seeing a beautifully cut and finished head of hair makes me very happy".  Karina is a stylist who understands the trends of hair and knows what it takes to make her clients very happy.